Better Business Seminars Can Improve Your Member/Client Retention

/Better Business Seminars Can Improve Your Member/Client Retention
Better Business Seminars Can Improve Your Member/Client Retention2018-05-30T02:52:31+00:00

Business seminars are a great way to ad value and show clients and members that you care about helping them improve their business.  If you are  an organization serving small business owners or trusted advisers that serve small business owners if you don’t provide value to your membership you know the result – loss of interest in the organization and ultimately loss of revenue to you!

So how do you provide value to your membership?  Most organizations provide some form of business seminar, to promote business learning.  But, if you’re not providing the right business seminars with the right frequency it might not help your retention marketing.

Harvard Business Review studies have shown that frequently why small businesses stop growing is because the owner has stopped growing both personally and professionally.  Providing quality programs that help your memberships learn and grow is the right retention marketing strategy!

But what do quality business learning seminar programs look like?  Quality programs …

  • Engage the participants
  • Educate on root-causes of pertinent problems
  • Solve problems in simple yet meaningful ways
  • Provide actionable tools that participant can immediately go back and use.
  • Deliver real results when implemented

But where do you find a business seminar that deliver this level of quality?  The answer is the Business Accelerator Training seminar series.

These business seminars offer introductory business learning on our simple yet powerful small business tools and training to help create a self-sustaining business.  These tools and training are designed to help small business owner in creating self-sustaining companies that operate without their day-to-day involvement.

Here are what organizations have had to say about these business seminars:

“The 2 programs Dino presented at BarCamp Tampa provided small business owners with how-to tips for more effectively managing and growing their business. These are the kinds of efforts which serve the small business community and add jobs to the local economy.”  – Brenda Young,  organizers for BarCamp Tampa

These tools and training support our SPARC business growth  framework has help dozens of small business get positive result!

Our FREE business seminars include:

All programs are structured for a 30 – 45 minute seminar format and include the following:

  • Program promotion checklist
  • Collateral materials for use in promoting each program
  • Seminar workbook
  • Checklists, templates, worksheets, or spreadsheets required to execute the concept
  • Free Revenue Engine Performance Checkup for those that complete the assessment
  • Free 1-hour consultation to assist with implementation

Would you like to begin improving your member retention for FREE?

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