Turning Your Vision Into Reality

Inventors frequently struggle to turn their ideas into cash because they don’t have a basic understanding of what gives “value” to their idea.  Value comes from a desire to purchase an idea in the marketplace and the ability to grow that desire into demonstrated cash flow!

Without a market and cash flow an idea is a risky proposition for a good and competent investor.  Thus the reason many ideas go unfunded.  In order to take an idea and to turn it into demonstrated cash flow requires a shift in an inventor’s mindset.  Until they can make this personal change they will continue to struggle to turn their idea into cash!

The purpose of this presentation is to help the participant:

  • Understand the difference between inventors and entrepreneurs.
  • Comprehend why personal change is necessary in order to make the transition.
  • Understand the importance of a vision in making personal change.
  • Learn a simple process to begin work on your own vision statement.

You can get a better idea of this topic from our post titled Transitioning from Inventor to Entrepreneur.

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