Isn’t that why you started your own company to begin with?

When you started your business, did you imagine being a prisoner to your business, left with no option but to work in it day in and day out?


Did you imagine building a business, growing it, and hiring a talented, qualified team to run your baby’s daily operation, earning you a solid income as its founder and enjoying the life it would afford you?

To reduce your time spent in your business and increase its value, creating a self-sustaining business is a single strategy to achieve both simultaneously.  I’ve waved this banner for years. 

Now DE, Inc is proving it for a few smart business owners!

Currently, DE, Inc. is evaluating companies, to transform over a 3-years period.  For the business owner, it means the independence and financial freedom you dreamed of when you started your business.

Over the last decade, our process helped countless businesses…But over the years, one situation continues to present itself.  The process is sound; but executing on it eluded some clients.

Now DE, Inc is ready to put the process into action for you.  That’s right. We want to help you realize the financial freedom you dreamed of when starting the business.

How transformation takes place:

OK so now that I’ve peaked your interest, what would we do to transform your business from its current state into a self-sustaining one?  Well, it depends on the current state of your business, but there are several foundation pieces that need to be present if you ever hope to get there.  So, we’ll come in and make sure to:

  • Stabilize cashflow by implementing a predictive management to consistently hit goals.
  • Grow revenue and the customer-base by instilling better sales/marketing management.
  • Increase company profitability by improving internal productivity.
  • Prepare the business to scale beyond current capacity by implementing standard systems.
  • Establish a high-performance culture creating company-wide discipline and accountability.
  • Create loyal employees by instituting personal growth programs for employees.
  • Provide owner with more life choices from the business via a management team and active succession planning.
  • Increase value of the business by achieving all the previous objectives.

This can only be done in low volume – a few companies at a time.  Therefore, it is imperative that you let me know your level of interest so that I can consider your business for this once in a lifetime opportunity. If interested, contact me via email at or call me directly at 727-421-5579 or schedule a time with me below.