fractional COO organizing the teamIf you own a small business, then plenty of people calling themselves a fractional CFO (chief financial officer) probably approached you about helping.  But, what about someone to help you with marketing, sales, production/ service, administration, etc? A fractional COO (chief operating officer) can help you with all these responsibilities!

You may say, “but my sales/marketing and production mangers help me with that.” But, do you know exactly what metrics you should be measuring to hold those managers accountable?

Your small business probably doesn’t need a full time COO, but you still need someone in that role. Especially if you don’t have the executive experience to fill that role. You can affordably hire six-figure talent just for the amount of resource you need using a fractional COO.

Why You Need a Fractional COO?

a fractional COO drives operational managementDoes this scenario sound familiar… your revenue is down, so you ask your managers what’s causing the problem. Everyone starts pointing fingers at each other instead of working together to fix the problem. You’ve probably never managed anything as complex as your business is now, so you’re not sure what’s causing the problem!  What do you do?

DE, Inc. makes your business growth simplified by offering our fractional COO services to help you with this kind of situation and many. many more by installing our Business Growth Simplified (BGS) management model Tuning Your Revenue Engine (TYRE) in your business.  TYRE gives you an operational view into your business that you’ve never had before.  It provides a systematic method of defining all the activities that create the results you see on your financial reports at the end of the month, quarter, and year. Watch the video below to see the power of this management model:

A Fractional COO Brings Accountability at All Levels of Your Business

fractional COO brings accountability

Thinks about what having structure and discipline across your entire operation will do for your business.  Everyone’s responsibilities defined, and the what level of performance expected of them.  Now, you can truly evaluate who’s helping you achieve your goal, which results in your ability to pay for performance.  This gives you more control over your payroll and can increase your profitability at the same time!

Isn’t more profit what you really wanted from your business? Tuning Your Revenue Engine helps you get there!

Watch how BGS helped one owner get on the right path.

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