As a trusted advisor or small business organization helping small business owners grow their companies, what would it mean to your you if you helped clients achieve their dream of independence and financial freedom?

At  DE, Inc. that’s our mission.  We’re looking for like-minded organizations to build strong strategic affiliate partnerships to fulfill our vision to reduce the number of failed small businesses around the world by building more self-sustaining businesses (absentee owner).

As an affiliates you benefit in a variety of ways including:

  • Provide greater value to improve customer retention
  • Differentiate your service offering from your competitors
  • Increase your revenue by improving your new client acquisition
  • Creates additional revenue streams from your existing customer base

We understand the value of referrals.  So, we offer a formal affiliate agreement with a standard referral fee at 5% on revenue collected from that referral for up to 24-months.  If you’d rather complete the sale yourself , then add an additional 15% sales commission for a total of 20%. Again this is for up to 24 months of engagement with that client.

We success for anything requires solid implementation.  So, our affiliate program includes a turn-key implementation plans outlining responsibilities for us both.

What Can Affiliates Offer?

First and foremost understand our programs are designed to help owners grow a self-sustaining business (absentee ownership).  We created the SPARC Business Growth Framework specifically for that purpose.  SPARC is a step-by-step systematic process to grow a self-sustaining business.

We deliver SPARC in 4 ways to help business owner:

Selling coaching and consulting  can be a difficult without a prospect seeing some real value first.  Our Business Acceleration Assessment helps with this problem.  Priced at just $699 this is an easily way to give meaningful information to an owner about what’s hold back growth with a roadmap for immediate fixes they can implement.

Affiliates get their own page to sell this product on our site. It helps track referrals and you earn $200 for each purchase from your page.

This product takes an owner through the first 3 steps of the SPARC process and gives us plenty to ponder and guides them to a longer engagement.  From here many owners want a strategic planning retreat or a 6 – 12-month coaching contract.  You’d continue to get paid a referral fee on this client for up to 24-months.

Your program is designed to meet your specific needs. So, let’s set a time to discuss your objectives and get you setup.

If you are looking for ways improve customer retention, create competitive differentiation, additional revenue streams, or to expand new client acquisition contact us about becoming part of our affiliate program.