Without a business plan your chances of achieving your desired outcome is a shot in the dark.  But, a little business planning goes a long way by providing the discipline and accountability you need for business success.  The right business plan can give you the independence and financial freedom you dream of, in less time than you ever thought possible.

Good Business Planning Helps You Achieve Goals Faster!

This isn’t just our opinion!  University of Oregon Department Economics study proves business planning has a positive business impact on companies that do it!  The diagram shows a comparison of business plan vs no plan:

business plan benefits

The study shows that businesses that complete business planning are 50% more likely than those without a business plan in:

  • Growing the business
  • Securing a loan
  • Acquiring investment capital

But, does your business plan have what you need to achieve your vision?

Your Business Plan is More Than Just a Document

Too often business owners don’t develop a plan because they think it’s just a formal document.  In fact, your business plan is just the output from one of the most critical processes in your business!

The DE, Inc. business planning process puts knowledge gained about your business from our SPARC Business Growth Framework into action.  As a result, you achieve your dream for independence and financial freedom, whatever that looks like to you.

Your business plan should help you achieve business self-sustainability not hinder it!  Too many business planning tools build a big bulky plan. This doesn’t help you organize your day-to-day actions.  If your day-to-day action don’t get done, then you won’t achieve your annual business goal and objectives.

Ways to Build Your Business Plan

At DE, Inc. we’re all about choices.  So, we offer several ways to build your business plan – DIY or “We’ll Do It for You”.  You can “do it yourself” using our High Impact Business Planning Self-Study Program.  We will facilitate a strategic planning retreat for you using our SPARC Business Growth Framework. One of our consultants can work with you to write your business plan to fund your business growth.  Click the icons below to find which business planning option best suits your needs:

DIY business plan
business plan for funding growth

Why Do YOU Need a Business Plan?

You might need a business plan for a variety of reasons.  Here are the most common reasons owner want help developing their business plan:

  1. Grow your business 
  2. To get funding
  3. Plan the coming year

As each has a different purpose, the process and the business plan being different.  So, make sure you clearly specify why you want the plan, or you may end up with something that will not help you with your desired outcome.

Get Your Business Plan Started Today

Now is a great time to think about business planning.  The first half of the year is already gone, but are you on track to achieve your goal for the year?  We can assess where you are; what worked and what didn’t; and help you put an action plan for the rest of the year to give you the best chance to hit or exceed your goal for this year.  Schedule time with a DE, Inc. consultant to discuss how by using the form below.