Mission Statement

DE, Inc.’s mission is to help you help achieve the dream you had when you first started your business – independence and financial freedom.  With our business philosophy is it’s possible sooner that you think!  Just grow a self-sustaining business.

We built our SPARC Business Growth Framework to assure you get successful results when you choose this strategy. Watch this introductory video find out what we’re all about:

Here is what some of our clients have to say about what we’ve done for them:

“Our goal was to stabilize our home design business and turn it around to show a growth in profit, instead of the steady decline that we had previously been seeing.  Dino was instrumental in helping us establish a solid plan of action that would allow us to work towards success, both immediately and long-term.  Within six months, we had stabilized our business, and today we are working towards building it back up, in an economy that is unstable at best.”  – Joe and Donna Ahmann,  Owners Ahmann Design, Fusion Architects, Compass Commercial Services

See more of our client results, or take a look at some of the case studies to see if any of these scenarios sounds like your current situation.

Our Values

ValuesWe’re built on a set of foundational guiding principles which create long-term sustainable success. There are our guiding principles for all we do in life and business:

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Commitment

Here is the very specific meaning these values have for us at DE, Inc.:

Trust – is the foundation of every relationship.  You must have confidence that we can deliver on our promise to help.  This means you are willing to make the changes needed to get the results you seek.  And we trust you will give us an honest account of how you got where you currently are and will commit the resources needed to make the personal and professional changes to achieve your goals.

Honesty – means full disclosure!  You can be assured we will ask the difficult questions.  You must be willing to give truthful answers, even if they are difficult or even embarrassing to admit. If you don’t, then our advice will not reflect the reality of the situation.  Thus, we cannot be held accountable for the results based on misinformation which you have provided.

Respect – is critical and must be mutual. We already respect you.  You’ve done something most people would never do –you admitted you need to change.  In return, you must respect that DE, Inc. has the experience to navigate you through the process of making the changes necessary, so you achieve the success you seek.  If you don’t believe this, then DE, Inc. is not the right choice for you or your situation.

Commitment – means once we agree mutual benefit exists for our relationship, DE, Inc. will commit whatever is needed to assure you get your desired outcome.  You and your team must give the same level of commitment to do whatever is asked if it is legal, honest, and ethical.  If you dedicate the time and resources needed for positive change there is only one possible result – SUCCESS!