Maximizing Cash Flow and Business Performance

Cash flow is the #1 priority of every business.  The problem is most small business owners don’t understand what creates cash flow. On top of that, most owners get tehir advice from their CPA or accountant who relegate cash flow to a financial problem which is only part of the problem.

DE, Inc. view of cash flow is more operational in nature.  We shows cash flow as a function of your operational cycle or what we call your revenue engine.

This program is designed to teach a very simple, yet powerful management model that helps business owners understand where to apply resources to immediately begin maximizing cash flow!  Watch the video below for an overview of this seminar:

The purpose of this presentation is to help the participant:

  • Define the DE, Inc. view of the revenue engine.
  • Understand why you work the cycle backwards to determine what’s broken.
  • Recognize the critical values of your revenue cycle.
  • Use the revenue engine values in strategic decision making.

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