Strategy vs TacticsThere are 2 diverse skills that hinder a small business owner’s ability to achieve business success.  They are the ability to think strategically and then to execute tactically.  My belief is that those that profess to be strategic advisers over complicate what strategy so that it seems to be some mystical business idea, when in fact it’s pretty simple!

What  complicates most of a business’ strategy is how many underlying functional strategies are necessary to support the companies business model.  With this as the starting point, this presentation focuses on developing an understanding what a strategy really is and how selection of a strategy actually drives the tactics which you would apply to achieve the desired result.

In this presentation we focus on the following learning objectives:

  • Understand the difference between strategic thinking and tactics execution.
  • Use the classic (buy vs. build) model for an example.
  • How strategies are applied throughout the business.
  • Evaluate how the wrong strategy creates a barrier to small business growth.

You can see a basic overview of this topic by reading the blog post titled Understanding Strategy vs Tactics: A Key to Business Growth.

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