Small business owners frequently get STUCK growing their business. For decades DE, Inc. has helped owners get UNSTUCK growing their business to gain the independence and financial freedom they dreamed of when starting their business.  We’ve found the root-cause is one of three problems.

Guess what? They’re NOT what you think!

That’s why you’re stuck!

This seminars focus on these three reasons owners get stuck growing their business and how they to begin fixing them. Watch the video below and get an overview of this seminar.

The purpose of this presentation is to help the participant:

  • Understand the 3 reasons owners get stuck growing their business.
  • Review the single business strategy, business self-sustainability, can help you fix all 3 problems.
  • Discover how the SPARC Business Growth Framework helps you build a self-sustaining business.
  • Calculate how big you must grow your business to become independent and financially free.

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