reopening small businesses after COVID-19 Crisis

As a owner there are a mountain of decisions to be made to reopen your business after the shutdown.  That said, DE, Inc. started this post as a resources for reopening small businesses after COVID-19.

This is not a time for knee-jerk reaction.  But instead needs, needs mindful discipline to assure you’re ready to address every aspect of the new requirements place on you as an owner of a small business.  These requirements will come from a multitude of different  stakeholder including:

  • customers
  • employees
  • vendors/suppliers
  • all levels of government (federal, state, and local)

So, make sure your asking all the right questions and putting all the necessary systems in place to address ease concerns.  Business that do will see a resurgence as things begin to return to the NEW normal.  Those that don’t will just delay the inevitable, dying a slow and painful death.  Click the button and schedule a FREE 30-minute consult to discuss your concerns is a business expert.

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Reopening Small Businesses After COVID-19 in America

You, like me, know that it will NOT be business as usual when the stay at home orders are lifted. So what will be required of your business as you open the doors?

The White House published its guidelines as a resource for reopening small businesses after COVID-19. Make sure you understand when you can expect to get back to work based on your industry and build your timeline accordingly.  Most states have not yet published their guidelines so keep checking back to get the latest.

If you’re not sure what this all means for you and your business, schedule some time with a consultant to discuss your specific situation.

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Reopening Florida for Small Business

As a Florida business we tend to focus on our local small business community. Florida plans to reopen under phase 1 begins Monday, May 4, 2020. The Governor office posted their guidelines at the following link.


Doing what's needed for reopening small businesses after COVID-19

How do you plan to rebound from this crisis? You can build a solid plan by downloading our FREE eBook Small Business Crisis Recovery Checklist.  Follow a proven method to help you recover and come back even stronger than before. Just click the link to find out more and download your checklist today.

If you’re not sure how this may affect your business or just need someone to talk things through with schedule schedule some time with a consultant to discuss your specific situation.

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How the Experts Think Reopening Small Businesses After COVID-19 Will Work

It’s early and things are heating up as people get restless, many owners are hesitant to open.  Here a interview with one of the president task force CEO’s perspective on how we should reopen America. His response may surprise you!

Helpful  for Reopening Small Businesses After COVID-19

what are your questions for reopening small businesses after COVID-19There are a lot of things to consider when reopening your business after such a major shift in the economy.  You can bet that the market has changed, so make sure you do a thorough analysis of your business and market before you build you launch plan. Some things to consider are:

  • Complete immediate actions to respond to the crisis.
  • Look deep in yourself and decide you’re ready to recover.
  • Assess your operation’s capabilities to recover
  • Evaluate how your market has changed as a result of the crisis.
  • Determine if opportunities exist to pivot.
  • Evaluate and select the most profitable option for your business to come back stronger.
  • Build a detailed implementation plan for your business recovery
  • Implement and monitor your recovery plan

This may seem harsh, but it’s better to know now than figure it out after your tens of thousands of dollars in the hole.  We prepared a downloadable checklist to help you figure it out.  Just click the button below to get your FREE copy today.

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