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GCC logoAt Generations Carpet Cleaning (GCC), carpet cleaning runs in our blood!  Owner and operator, Mike Rowe, is 1 of 14 men in his family to clean carpets and 1 of 7 to own their own business.


Mike and Jennifer Rowe were offered an opportunity to relocate to start another business but weren’t sure what they could do with their current operation.  The business was not self-sustaining and as a result would not fetch anything if they sold it.  By happenstance, Mike met DE, Inc. founder, Dino Eliadis at a networking event.  Mike and Jenn met Dino who introduced the the owners to ther idea of business self-sustainability.  This was the direction they wanted to take GCC and decide to begin working a plan!


To build the business to a level that it will provide the Rowe’s a sustainable income without them being present in the business so that they can go off to pursue other interests in 2-3 years.



  • Immediate became awareness of maximum revenue their business is currently capable of generating and became reenergized to life and their commitment to their business.
  • Realized they have made some of the same mistakes numerous times over the past 15 years including hiring in hopes of building up the business without first creating a solid action plan.
  • Got of accounting/records in order and expanded weekly reporting of sales and marketing.
  • Increased topline revenue in 5 months by 52% and within 10 months by 75.4% with monthly growth tracking at 7% per month!
  • They’ve hired 3 new technicians and are planning for new equipment in the next 6 months.Immediate awareness of maximum revenue their business is currently capable of generating.