If your business isn’t growing is that by choice, or are you just stuck?  A fresh set of eyes can bring clarity and a whole new perspective to your operations plan and break the logjam!

Let’s start by first asking some basic questions. First, do you even have an operations business plan?

Did you know that companies with a business plan grow twice as fast and secure double the funding of companies without one?  With statistics like this, if you don’t have one, you’d better start seriously thinking about getting one put together!

Do You Have a Standard Business or Operations Plan?

Next question, if you have one, is your plan a strategic plan, generic business plan, or just an operational plan or some combination of these plans?

What’s the difference, you ask? A general plan is usual meant to get funding and contains a little bit of everything – marketing plan, sales plan, forecast/budget, and maybe a little about your production.  General business plans usually become “shelf paper” because their big and bulky and contain everything everyone needs.

an operations plan helps in LeadershipA strategic business plan usually provides your vision for the business and lays out your goals.  You may also include some of the major milestones required along the way.  This is often the start of a general business plan, but some owners do these just by themselves.

Your operations plan on the other hand, sets the stage for what you and your team should be doing daily to achieve your annual goal.  I find most businesses don’t even have an operations plan, which is why their business results are not consistent and they seem be constantly firefighting!

So, which plan do you need?  How about, if you could create all 3 business plans with a single business planning process for less than most people pay to have a general plan written!

Would that be helpful? That’s what we call High Impact Business Planning (HIBP)!

Start Planning Now!

An Operations Plan with High Impact

HIBP is different because it accelerates strategic planning using our SPARC Business Growth Framework and Tools, leading you through the operational planning process.  The result is a clear view of what everyone needs to be working on to achieve your annual goal daily! Watch the video below to see how HIBP is different.

SPARC is a process to build and monitor your operations plan.SPARC stands for Strategic Planning Action Recovery Cycle.  It is strategic planning process for driving business growth with operations planning built in.  Using this process, you get answers to critical questions like:

  1. Can you successfully hit your revenue goal for the year?
  2. What strategies can you successfully apply to increase your annual revenue?
  3. When and where must you add capacity to hit it?
  4. How much capital will you need to support your revenue goal and when do you need it?
  5. How many more sales must you close to reach your annual revenue goal?
  6. Can your current marketing efforts generate enough leads to support your sales team?

Do you know the answers to ALL these questions for your business?  If not, then that may be why you struggle with cash flow, profitability, and growth.

Get These Answers for Your Business

Apply Business Planning with High Impact

Dino Eliadis can provide expertise to develop your operations plan.The most effective way to apply the process is using a one of our consultants. They will apply the SPARC process to your business and have a fully functional operating plan ready in 10 – 15 days.

Applying SPARC helps you:

If you had this information in 3-5 pages could you get focused and start killing it? That’s High Impact Business Planning when applied by one of our fractional chief operating officer (COO) consultants!

They’ll also teach you how to use the plan including some powerfully simple tools to drive accountability to every position in your business which elevate everyone’s performance.  When everyone pulls in the same direction, it’s easy for you to turn higher profits.

Apply High Impact Business Planning to Accelerate Your Profitability and Business Growth

Get a new set of eyes on your business and accelerate your profitability and business growth. Just call us at 727-421-5579 or email us at businesplans@businessgrowthsimplified.com. Or, use one of our DIY business planning tools and programs by clicking the button below.

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