Board and granting organization wondered what was needed to support an expansion of the non-profit with a  $1.5 million grant that was to be awarded.  Because the program was outside the organizations current scope the Board felt that there was some level of risk in expanding.


To determine risk and staff capabilities to execute a major organizational changes presented in a $1.5 million grant proposal.


  • Conducted surveys and interviews with all personnel.
  • Reviewed different dimensions of change to determine fears, resistance, and strengths.
  • Used a 3rd party skills assessment to determine staff potential.
  • Developed a recommended implementation plan based on all findings for the executive director and board.


  • Significantly reduced implementation risk for organization’s $1.5 million program by providing the knowledge where new skills were required and what resistance was most likely to interfere with implementation of the new program.
  • Provided recommendations on potential contingency plans to deal with resistance or alternative implementation strategies to mitigate the resistance.