Projects across the entire city have inconsistent results.  Some are completed on-time and within budget, while other seem to go on for ever with 2 and 3 times the original estimated cost.


More consistent results and a reduction in overall operating and capital budgets because of continued reductions in tax revenue for the municipality.


    • Assessed the current state of project management across all departments within the city using aPRO standard.
    • Identified the PM strengths and weaknesses of the organization.
    • Facilitated a full-day requirement gathering and planning session with executive management team to define the PMO requirements.
    • Helped assistant city manager in establishing a PM policy for the city
    • Designed and implemented training for 150 directors, managers, supervisors and team members that consistently manage projects to assure all work is more effectively managed.


Within 6 months project are completed in 11% – 15% less time.