OptiPEO General GraphicChallenge:

Processing a newly acquired client was an intensive paper chase for this major PEO player in the industry.  It sometime took days to process a new client which impacted nearly every aspect of the operation and slowed revenue.


To streamline new client data collection and new client acquisition process through the proper use of technology at 40 branch locations across the southeast.


  • Worked with executive management to develop a project strategy to decrease project risk and overall cost.
  • Completed all requirements analysis and developed all system specifications for product evaluation.
  • Saved 3/4 million on a software product selection by recruiting and managing end user, support, and technical personnel in a vender selection process. 
  • Negotiated final contract with vendor to minimize company liability and lock in long term cost on software, support, and development services purchased.


Sales cycle and new client data validation time cut by 23% and 78% respectively.