As a trusted adviser affiliate you can use our program with any revenue strategy to increase sales for your practice to include:

  • Improving customer retention
  • Creating additional revenue sources from your existing customer base
  • Increasing lead generation to improve new client acquisition
  • Differentiating your service offering from your competitors

Joining forces with DE, Inc. can help you achieve your desired outcome!

As a trusted adviser, small business owners select you over the competition; stay with you as clients; and buy more from you when they know, like, and trust you to in helping them grow a self-sustaining business. While a simple enough concept, it’s not as easy to implement!

Our trusted adviser affiliate program gives you all the tools you need in one turn-key solution to make helping your clients easier and securing you as their minds as the “go to” adviser for all their business needs!

With a single strategy you can help you with any or all of your strategies:

Improving customer retention by offering:

Increase lead generation:

Add additional revenue streams by becoming:

Any of these trusted adviser affiliate programs instantly creates competitive differentiation giving your practice the upper-hand within your market!

But, Does Our Trusted Adviser Affiliate Program Work?

“Dino is the man. I would have a tremendously difficult time naming a consultant that is more efficient getting companies on track to growth.  Dino has that often discussed, almost impossible to find, magic touch.  Seriously, he’s helped me out so many times that I’ve lost count. I strongly recommend using Dino whenever and wherever possible.”  – Daniel James Scott, Founding member Gazelle Lab

You’re Not Alone

We’re tied to your success, so we leave nothing to chance.  Our programs are turn-key solutions.  You get everything you need to immediately get started including:Affiliate Program Implementation Collage

    1. Step-by-step implementation plan
    2. Ready to use marketing plan and all the materials to promote your new offering
    3. Use intro “teaser” videos to increase SEO on your own website and increase interest
    4. Tool ads for use in your sidebars
    5. Ready to use HTML for your website to send interested prospects to order pages

Get Started Achieving Your Revenue Goal!

We work with you and your team to make sure you have everything you need to immediately begin promoting your new offering to assure you get the desired results of your program!

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