Content_Marketing_GoalsContent marketing is a powerful strategy if you’re looking to…

  • Increasing lead generation for new client acquisition
  • Improving customer retention to increase revenue
  • Establishing competitive differentiation for your service offering.

According to Content Marketing Institutes/Marketing Profs report B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends in North America, 64% to 74% of B2B marketers are using content marketing to for customer acquisition, lead generation, and customer retention.

So what’s holding you back from using content marketing?


Based on the benefits of content marketing combined with the SEO benefits of content marketing for getting found online, why aren’t you already doing it?

Well, if it’s like most B2B marketers, it’s lack of content!!!  But, any of the other items on the list create challenges for implementing a content marketing campaign.

What if you could use a turn-key program that can help you meet these challenges in a single campaign?  It would be worth at least a look!


DE, Inc. Content Marketing give you access to…

    1. Over 100 ready to use posts on small business growth, management, leadership, and entrepreneurship.
    2. At least 4 new posts each month
    3. Ready-to-use eBooks for immediate lead generation you can co-brand
    4. Online videos to increase SEO on your own website can also co-brand
    5. Access to new eBooks and online videos as they are added to the collection

Affiliate Program Implementation Collage

When you become an affiliate we provide you with everything you need to immediately get started including:

    1. Step-by-step implementation plan
    2. Ready to use marketing plan and all the materials to promote your new offering
    3. Assistance in creating your own editorial and social media calendar
    4. Use intro “teaser” videos to increase SEO on your own website and increase interest
    5. Access to new videos and eBooks as they are created.

Content Marketing Affiliate Program gives you all the content and support you need to:

  • Show greater value to your existing customer for better customer retention
  • Increase lead generation to improve new client acquisition
  • Provide instant sources to increase revenue with your existing customers
  • Differentiate your service offering from your competition


Does Content Marketing Work?

The chart here is directly out of our own MailChimp system to show how our own leads have increase from use of these FREE offerings…

While other factors go into the overall effectiveness of your lead generation we’ve simplified the program for you by offering you the implementation tools necessary to promote and marketing these resources.


Begin Generating More Leads with Content Marketing

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