Small business tools are a great way of adding revenue for  advisers or organizations serving small business, while improving  customer retention.  It  is a quick and simple way of  helping your small business client to grow a self-sustaining business!

Retention is important part of the success formula for adding revenue .  According to the Harvard Business School:

“…increasing customer retention rates by 5 percent increases profits by 25 percent to 95 percent.”

Add on top that this turn-key solution puts money on your topline and you get a double boost!

  • 20% commission on each tool sold via your website
  • 5% residual income for 24 month on any additional service sold to your clients

The Small Business Tools affiliate program allows you to offer a comprehensive set of strategic planning and management business tools and best practices found in self-sustaining business.  Based on our SPARC Growth – (Strategic Planning Action Recovery Cycle) this programs includes all of our “do it yourself” small business tools including:

Add our Business Accelerator Training to the mix and you have a comprehensive DIY program to help your small business clients grow self-sustaining businesses while you add revenue to your topline.

Simplify Adding Revenue by Using Small Business Tools!

Affiliate Program Implementation Collage

When you become a small business tools affiliate DE, Inc provides everything you need to immediately get started including:

  1. Step-by-step implementation plan
  2. Ready to use marketing plan and all the materials to promote your new offering
  3. Use intro “teaser” videos to increase SEO on your own website and increase interest
  4. Tool ads for use in your sidebars
  5. Ready to use HTML for your website to send interested prospects to order pages

Everything you need to immediately begin promoting your new offering to add revenue for your business, while providing greater value for your current small business clients and improving retention!

Do the Small Business Tools Work?

“The business planning tools and strategy documents DE, Inc. provided us to use for our new business have accelerated our productivity and time to market by cutting out the “noise” and offering clear direction.  I highly recommend using these proven solutions to any businesses. “ –  Brantley Smith, CEO, Leads Direct


“My husband and I have found our creative energy again, our team is more focused than ever and everyone working with us is energized and excited about achieving the clear goals we’ve laid out with DE, Inc.’s help.  The Goal Assessment and coaching system are different because we started with what truly makes us happy.  It makes you think about why you got into business in the first place, then helps you build your business around what you want out of life.  This way you’re not frustrated with your business.  I highly recommend DE, Inc. and The Goal Assessment to any business owner who’s frustrated with their business or life and wants to make it better.” – Carrie Rokosz, Owner, Rokosz Studios

Begin Adding Revenue with Small Business Tools!

If you are ready to get started contact us at 727-421-5579 or click the button below.  We’ll set up a time to begin discussing your business goals and how to best configure the program to help you achieve your topline objectives to get your desired result!

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