Project management is a critical discipline for any business owner as nearly everything that you do within a company is a project.  A project is define as an set of tasks focused on accomplishing a specific objective within a set timeframe.

Think about that.  Isn’t your business plan a set of goals and objectives that you plan to accomplish for the year?  Well then it’s a project or a portfolio of projects that you need to manage for your business.

The more effectively you are able to manage that portfolio of projects the better your bottom-line.  That’s why DE, Inc.’s approach to business growth is different. We approach business management using the same set of proven principle that when applied to projects result in successful projects.

Does it work?

A study conducted by Robbins Gioia found that an insurance company decreased overhead by 20% by implementing project management “best practices” across the enterprise. 

You can determine the impact for your company using our PMO Feasibility & ROI Model.

logo only no dropNEWProject Manager’s Corner, a division of DE, Inc., has been offering project management and project management office (PMO) services since 2002.  Our PMO services are designed to help companies achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) from all their projects.  We can assist with all aspects of PMO implementation so you can consistently manage all your project better and get better results!

Better project results come by identify and targeting root-causes problems instead of just addressing underlying symptoms.  Our methods provide better root-causes analysis by focusing on all 3 dimensions that impact projects – people, process, and technology. This means you get a more complete solution.  Download a copy of our whitepaper titled Increasing Project ROI Across the Enterprise.

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aPRO LogoWhat helps us do this more effectively than most companies is using a proven standard .  DE, Inc. uses aPRO, a standard for evaluating an organizations competency in delivering high-impact project management.  aPRO was designed and developed by a seasoned team of world-renowned project management professionals for ASAPM.  Our founder and president, Dino Eliadis, was a member of this standard team and conducted the pilot test for the standard.

DE, Inc. has helped a number of organization in several different industries in improving their PMO functions. Industries have included:

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  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Business Services
  • Pharmaceutical


Review our case studies o see the specifics of some of our PMO implementation projects.

Ready to start getting a better ROI on your projects by completing them faster and more consistently?

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