Justifying Your PMO Implementation Initiatative

A study conducted by Robbins Gioia found that an insurance company decreased overhead by 20% by implementing project management “best practices” across the enterprise. 

Strategic Business SolutionsThis may not be your strategic goal for implementing a PMO or improving project management across the enterprise.  Heaven knows there are many reasons to apply the PMO or improve project management strategy.  Some of the most apparent are:

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  • Reducing capital expenditures by increasing productivity and reducing waste.
  • Improving your competitive advantage by implementing mission critical projects faster.
  • Improving product, service, and organization quality by creating standard repeatable practice that provide predictable and consistent superior results.
  • Increases profitability by allowing people to manage more projects while lowering overall operating costs.
  • Reducing risk by providing better insight into projects to correct problems and issues earlier in the cycle.


PM Improvement Results Possibilities Graph

While everyone is looking for this kind of impact, exactly how big could the investment impact the be for YOUR bottom-line?

The investment decision is a difficult one without first understanding what the return on investment (ROI) might be!  You should probably invest a little time and effort in a feasibility study to determine if ROI justifies the investment.  But where do you start?

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DE, Inc has created an ROI model specifically to assist organizations in assessing the potential ROI on a PMO or PM improvement initiative.   The model has been used in a number of different companies across various industries.  It will provide you with quantifiable metrics on which you can then make a more informed decision on whether to invest in such an initiative or not.


Click the button below to download an example report.  It will give you an idea of what you could expect from using the DE, Inc. PMO Feasibility Model to justify your PMO or PM improvement initiative.

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Contact DE, Inc. if you want to see how implementing a PMO or improving project management across your company could impact your bottom-line!  Call 727-421-5579 or email us at PMO@www.dinoeliadis.com.