PM Improvement Results Possibilities GraphA Process for PMO Success

So you want to implement a PMO or improve project management across the enterprise.  How do you get started?

First, we recommend that you conduct a feasibility study to quantify the ROI for your company.  Our PMO ROI Model can help you with this step of the process .

When you know that the ROI is significant enough to make the investment in a PMO or PM improvement across the enterprise, what are the steps necessary to begin implementing?

PMO Implementation ProcessDE, Inc. can assist here as well with our PM Improvement Process.  This process is designed to help you identify the root-causes of PM issues within your company so you can begin correcting them. The process has been used in a number of companies in various industries with positive results.

aPRO LogoThe process takes advantage of aPRO a standard for evaluating an organizations competency in project management.  aPRO was designed and developed by a seasoned team of world-renowned project management professionals for ASAPM.  Our founder and president, Dino Eliadis, was invited and participated as part of this team.

Click the button below to download our whitepaper titled Increasing Project ROI Across the Enterprise.  It will give you a detailed account of what you need to do in order to successfully implement a PMO or PM improvement across your company.

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