It’s hard to believe, but it is mid-year already! Do you know where your business is, and if you can hit your annual business goal?

But, even more important do you know what it will take to get there by year end!

If you’re sure, but have been wondering what it will take, then a mid-year assessment is a great way to find out.  We find owners that take time mid-year to review and recalibrate hit their annual business goal and objectives more frequently than those that do not.

Doing Your Mid-Year Review

Most business owners do their review as follows:

  • Get caught up on their accounting.
  • Run their financial reports.
  • Review their reports and wonder what happened

This is a good start.  But, it only shows you what happened.  This approach doesn’t show you how you got these results!

To know exactly what it takes to hit or exceed your annual business goal, you need to know what actions created the results you see so far this year.  Then you can layout a quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily level-of-effort to your year a REAL success!

Determining Your Level-of-Effort to Hit Your Annual Business Goal

You may say, “this is overkill.”  But, that’s why your employees underperform and piss you off!  You never set a performance standard, and then told them what was expected of them and why!

However, if you use our Tuning Your Revenue Engine model, you can get all this information.  With it you’ll know exactly what level-of-effort is necessary every step along your operational process.  Now you can set performance standard and measure how everyone is contributing to achieving the annual business goal.

With this kind of insight, you wouldn’t have to be at your business every day, watching over every employee like a worried parent.  Isn’t that what you really want?  Then do what it takes to get there!!!

Planning to Hit Your Business Goal

Use DE, Inc business planning services to help you hit your annual business goal. They will help you:

  • Determine your WHY.
  • Determine your business growth goal based on your business growth stage
  • Assess your current resources and operational capacity in every business function.
  • Establish your strategic goal and objectives to achieve you vision
  • Outline your annual goal and objectives toward your vision.
  • Develop your quarterly action plan to assign responsibility and create accountability.
  • Provide you with the monitoring tools to predictively manage to your annual goal.

These services come in a variety of packages to meet your needs and budget.  Find more by clicking the appropriate icon below.

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Get Your Mid-Year Recalibration Started:

Get started on a path to hitting or exceeding your annual business goal by scheduling a session with a DE, Inc. consultant.  Jut schedule your FREE 30-minute consulting call using the form below.

This isn’t a sales call! We’ll ask you the questions necessary to help you find the answers you need to begin Tuning Your Revenue Engine, so you successfully hit or exceed your business goal.