ready for strategic planning retreat?Are you dissatisfied by your current business growth, or  maybe with your life is in general?  If you didn’t start it to get where you are right now, then our  strategic planning retreat can help you rapidly change your current situation!

Strategic planning  focuses your power and passion on the right objectives, so that you can aligning everything important to you toward a single vision.  When you turn your passion loose on your vision, then your business becomes a force that can change your life forever!

But how do you get there?

Strategic Planning + Tactical Action = Business Growth

Strategic Planning and Recovery CycleOur strategic planning retreats combines our SPARC Business Growth Framework, our proven process for business growth, with executive consulting to quickly help you determine…

  • What you want from your life.
  • How you can use your business as a financial vehicle to get there.
  • The current stage of stage growth of your business.
  • How well are your assets & resources currently working for you.

The result:  You unleash all your resources, time, and money on your vision to execute your business strategy with laser focus and jumpstart your business growth!

Don’t take our word for it…

“The strategic planning tools and documents DE, Inc. provided us to use for our new business have accelerated our productivity and time to market by cutting out the “noise” and offering clear direction.  I highly recommend using these proven solutions to any businesses. “  –  Brantley Smith, CEO, Leads Direct, LLC

Our SPARC Business Growth Framework combines years of experience with our Business Growth Simplified tools.  This gives you a powerful one-two punch which will fast-track you toward growing a self-sustaining business!

Our Strategic Planning process helps get clarity on…

  • Refining your WHY gives you a crystal clear focus for your business vision.
  • Giving you better alignment of your business goals and your overall strategy.
  • Helping you build a simple, yet structured, roadmap to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Providing you with the accountability system which gives you better discipline.
  • Assuring you stay focused on what’s important personally and professionally resulting in achieving your life’s dream faster.

 At Strategic Planning Retreat Will Jumpstarts Your Business Planning

DE, Inc. facilitates your strategic planning retreat by leading you through our SPARC process in a very short timeframe.  This results in getting you executing on your plan in just a few weeks.

Here is the scope of work of this service:

  • Complete a Personal Goal Assessment so you better understand your WHY.
  • Assess your businesss growth stage with the Business Growth Assessment to define your business goal and objectives.
  • Complete a Revenue Engine Performance Analysis so you understand every operational aspect of your business that make you money.
  • In-Depth Historical Financial Analysis sets your targets for financial performance improvement
  • Full-Day offsite stratgeic planning session to review all the materials and begin testing strategies to accelerate growth a profitability.
  • Delivery of a High Impact Business Plan with a dteailed 90-day action plan so you can  begin executing to grow your self-sustaining business.

You can find out more about each of the tools on our Business Growth Simplified tools page.  If you have additional questions regarding a strategic planning retreat call us at at 727-487-5435 or emil us at

Ready to Get Started?

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