BSGRetangleLogo 300dpiBusiness growth  resources help small business owners learn and understand concepts, strategies, and tactics critical to small business growth, management and leadership. Here are the current small business growth resources available from DE, Inc. through the Business Growth Simplified brand:

Business Growth Simplified: How to Rapidly Create a Self-Sustaining Business

You started your business to have more independence and financial freedom in your life. Yet, if you’re like most business owners you probably still feel chained to your business years later. Sound familiar? Business Growth Simplified was written for you!  In this book you will learn what it takes to become free from your business in 3- 5 years while it produces the income needed to live the life that you always dreamed of.

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DIY Guide to Small Business Growth

Growing your business is simpler than you might think!  It is actually a defined process.  If you know what to do, when to do it, how to execute, wouldn’t growing your business be much simpler?!!  This one of our small business growth resources is designed like a syllabus outlining what you need to know, prioritized so that learn what you need to know to grow and build a self-sustaining business.

Get My FREE Copy provides small business owners, entrepreneurs, and their trusted advisers with an expansive business growth resource of in-depth content and research related to small business growth, entrepreneurship, leadership, and business management.  With weekly posts this is an up-to-date resource of everything small business growth related.

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How to Get Out From Under Your Business

This eBook is another of our business growth resources. It is designed to introduce the concept of creating self-sustaining growth in a small business that has been in operation for more than 3 years. It introduces DE, Inc.’s unique approach to small business growth which simplifies the process to a level that anyone can understand!

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The Startup Guide to Small Business Growth

Another of our business growth resources, this eBook designed to introduce the key factors many startup owners miss in the beginning that create problems later in developing self-sustaining growth. It introduces DE, Inc.’s unique approach to small business growth which simplifies the process from a startup business perspective!

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Small Business Growth Matrix

Business growth is a simple formula.  But, if you don’t know all the variables you can struggle for years or your business may never get there!  This one of our small business resources simplifies the mystery of business growth by outlining the predefined stages, goals, and objectives you need to follow to more rapidly move your business through the stages of grow and create a successful self-sustaining business.

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