Congratulations on your decision to take responsibility for your own destiny by becoming a small business owner.  It puts you into a very elite group within the population.

Did you know:

  • 9% of the population owns a business
  • 7 out of 10 startups never reach their year 2 anniversary
  • 51% of the remaining 3 will still be in business after 5 years
  • 5% of the remaining 1.5% have annual revenue more than $1,000,000

How do you become .08% that can fetch more than $1,000,000 purchase price in the end?

Avoid making the mistakes 95% of all business owners make!

Success = Right Action @ Right Time

You need a solid plan

Testimonials DE, IncDE, Inc. can help you add the few missing steps most business owners make so you can create a successful business in 3 -5 years.

Don’t take our word for it.

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“As a first time business owner, I worked with Dino to develop a clear marketing and business plan that matched my goals. He also assisted in preparing the tools to measure the effectiveness of my efforts. His expertise and guidance were invaluable in getting my business off on the right foot. I highly recommend Dino to anyone who is trying to find clarity in their business approach.” – Pat Deering, Owner , FranNet of Greater Tampa Bay

Don’t mistake personal success with business success!

You can see real world example for yourself!  Ask anyone you know that has owned a business for more than 5 years the following question:

“Could you leave your business tomorrow and still live the lifestyle you have today?”

If the answer, is NO, or “it would take me a couple of years to get things in order,” there is your proof!

You probably think this person is pretty successful.  And you’re right they are successful.  But, their business has not advanced to the level of the less than 1%!

Don’t fall into the trap yourself and miss the rewards of real business success!

You are just getting started.  Do the right things now and you can avoid the pain and frustration later being experienced by the other 95%!

Be among the less than 1% of successful entrepreneurs!

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