Increase your profitabilityMost small business owners think poor profitability is finanacial problem. But in fact, its NOT!!!

Profitability is a financial metric that measures your operational efficiency. That means you can fix the issue by:

  • increasing revenue
  • decreasing cost and overhead
  • speeding up your production
  • improving cash flow

But, where should you focus your attention? This is the reason many small business owners struggle to become more profitable – the many variable can be overwhelming.

It’s a lot to ask when you’re not a management expert to manage so many things at once. But, if you want better profitability, then you must become a master manager. Watch our Facebook live broadcast below to better understand how to go about moving in the right direction:

Master Managing Your Profitability

Because profitability is operationally based, you need a way to manage your business from an operationally perspective. We understand this, so we developed the Tuning Your Revenue Engine management model.

The revenue engine is a metaphor, created by DE, Inc., as part of our Business Growth Simplified brand to simplify small business management. It allows you to operationally comprehend the complex dynamics of your business. By understanding your operational causes earlier, you can make the necessary adjustments to your marketing, sales, delivery, and collections which results in more profit for your business.

Watch the following video to understand how the Tuning Your Revenue Engine improves your operational efficiency:

If your revenue engine is misfiring, then your profitability suffers as a result. But, where is it misfiring? Use our Revenue Performance Checkup to identify chokes point in your operation, then you can focus on fixing what will maximize your profit. Look how it helped a business owner like you improve there profitability:

“Before we started using the model we were a “hot mess!” Now, I could never go back to where we were before we started managing our business with Tuning Your Revenue Engine.”
– Jenn Rowe, Generations Carpet Cleaning

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