Tampa Company Offers Its Business Growth Framework to Trusted Advisors

For Immediate Release

November 19, 2012, Tampa, FL – DE, Inc. announced today the launch of its affiliate program which offers its small business growth framework to organizations that serve small business who have struggled through the economic downturn and need to begin focusing on what’s needed to grow their companies again.

The system has helped dozens of businesses over the 2 decades that DE, Inc. founder and president, Dino Eliadis has been consulting with small businesses.  DE, Inc. is now looking to expand the number of businesses that can benefit from the approach by developing a larger distribution and delivery channel.

To accomplish this expansion DE, Inc. began an introductory launch to its associates November 1st.  According to Eliadis the initial reaction has been very positive and several organizations have already expressed an interest in moving forward with the program.

Dino Eliadis, president of DE, Inc. said, “In 2 decades of serving the small business community I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly.  We’ve been documenting “best practices” for small business during that entire period and created this program as a way to spread the knowledge.  I figure these programs are resources that any organization catering to the small business community can use to better serve their clients and members.  By offering these resources DE, Inc can become part to solution in sparking US job growth.”

“I have seen Dino Eliadis help numerous small business owners get their companies back on track,” said Bob Linger, Founder and CEO of New Marketing Lighthouse. “His systems and insights have been instrumental in helping a number of my clients determine what to focus on for growth, allowing our marketing strategies to flourish in the process.”

The affiliate program provides a turnkey solution for trusted advisors to offer DE, Inc.’s small business growth framework.   The framework is supported with all the resources, tools, and online training necessary for small business owners to mature as both a manager and leader for their company by using a systematic approach to creating sustainable businesses.

About DE, Inc.

DE, Inc. assist small business owners in creating a self-sustaining revenue engine by providing resources tools, training, and services for “best-practice” skills transfer to small businesses owners that increases cash flow, improve business performance and growth which results in maximizing the bottom-line.

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Dino Eliadis
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