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June 18, 2013, Tampa, FL – DE, Inc. announced a 20% discount on its Revenue Engine Performance Analyzer Report which is part of their Tuning Your Revenue Engine tool suite.  The tool offers small business owners a way to monitor and manage chokepoints in their operation.  By fixing chokepoints owners can speed up cash flow, improve business performance, and increase revenue growth potential.

DE, Inc. president Dino Eliadis say’s “small business owners don’t understand that revenue problems aren’t just caused by poor sales.  There is a complete operational dynamic that impacts revenue.  If you don’t address all the issues you don’t effectively correct your revenue problems so you still fall short of your goal.”

Revenue Engine Performance Analyzer is designed to assess the operational metrics necessary to tell an owner exactly where problems lie and what will break next.  Some of questions it helps owners answer are:

  • How much revenue can your current operation really handle?
  • Will that amount of capacity support your current revenue goal?
  • Are your prices set correctly or are you leaving money on the table?
  • Do you have enough sales reps to achieve your revenue goal?
  • Is your marketing investment enough to generate the leads necessary?

This promotion runs through July 15, 2013.  Find out more about this DE, Inc. promotion at


About DE, Inc.: DE, Inc. assists small business owners in growing a self-sustaining business by providing resources, tools, training, and services for “best-practice” skills transfer that increases cash flow, improve business performance and growth to maximize their bottom-line.  Find out more at

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