Capital Funding Solutions Adds DE, Inc’s Articles to Its Website Visitors

For Immediate Release

January 3, 2012, Tampa, FL – DE, Inc. is delighted to announce an affiliate partnership with Capital Funding Solutions  who is now offering small business growth resources as part of their integrated marketing strategy to serve their small business clients who want to begin focusing on what’s needed to grow their companies.

Greg Porter, Vice President of Capital Funding Solutions, Inc. (CFS) said, “Our history with DE, Inc. has been very successful.  To be able to partner with DE provides an invaluable source of knowledge for our clients.  Through our financing capabilities and DE’s business management and growth philosophies, our clients are armed with the necessary tools to grow their businesses effectively and efficiently.”

Dino Eliadis, president of DE, Inc. said, “We are excited by the potential of the relationship with Capital Funding Solutions.  Our goal is to help more small businesses to create self-sustaining businesses whose growth will help spark regional job growth and Capital Funding Solutions will help us in implementing our growth strategy.”

DE, Inc.’s affiliate program provides a turnkey solution for trusted advisors by offering DE, Inc.’s small business growth framework.   The framework is supported with all the resources, tools, and online training necessary for small business owners to mature as both a manager and leader for their company by using a systematic approach to creating sustainable businesses.

About Capital Funding Solutions

CFS is a full service lender offering Receivables, Purchase Order, Inventory and Asset Based Lending (ABL) services to small businesses throughout the US.  CFS also provides collateral management and monitoring services on behalf of Community Banks and equity or debt investors in small businesses.  Utilizing an arsenal of professional services including financing, auditing, collateral management, accounting functions and investor management, CFS has proven itself a leader in diversified small business lending.

About DE, Inc.

DE, Inc. offers a turnkey and fully functional “do it yourself” small business growth framework with all the supporting resources, tools, and training to help an affiliate’s small business clients’ successfully address any management or leadership problem within their business. The purpose of the framework is creating a self-sustaining revenue engine so small businesses owners increase cash flow, improve business performance, and grow their companies.

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Dino Eliadis