What kind of revenue increase could you see if you were able to handle 1, 2, 3, or even more clients than you can currently?  And, what if you could add passive revenue sources that also fed your topline, even when you weren’t working?!

A big problem with the coaching/consulting a business model is you trade time for dollars!!  The model never allows you to increase your revenue without increasing your prices.  But, raising prices narrows your market!!!  This creates a dilemma that causes internal struggles for most business coaches/ consultants.

DE, Inc. struggled with these same issues for nearly 2 decades.  But, several years back we solved the problem.  Now you can share the benefits of our model through our Coach and Consultant Affiliate Programs.  Our Business Coach Affiliate Program give you access to our solutions that help you…

    • Assist more clients at a lower total cost of service
    • Spend less time while providing greater value to clients
    • Generate passive income
    • Separate yourself from your competition

Our system allows you to deliver small business growth services in 3 very distinct ways:

    1. Do It Yourself – where small business owners learn the success process using 24 x 7 online resources to gain skills needed to manage and lead their business to self-sustainability.
    2. Executive Coaching – adds structure and accountability to the process with a certified coach.
    3. Leadership Consulting – adds executive talent to their team on a part-time basis until they need or can afford a full-time executive.

You get everything you need to learn, customize, market, promote, and deliver the program to meet your specific business objectives.  The program includes:

    1. Turn-key marketing campaigns to jumpstarts exposure for your new affiliation
    2. All the marketing collateral needed to continue promoting your offerings
    3. Ability to handle more clients faster by using our [small business growth tools] in your practice
    4. Complete support of your content marketing efforts via our [Small Business Growth Service]
    5. Immediate revenue generating ability via our [Business Accelerator Training]
    6. Support from the DE, Inc. team on any issues and tools
    7. Referrals for coaching and consulting from our affiliate network

Certification is simple enough:

    • Learn the tools via our Business Accelerator Training
    • Complete an evaluated case study via the certification process
    • Do one yourself under DE, Inc. supervision
    • Do them yourself with regular audits

The missing piece is you!

If you are looking for way to….

    • Increase new client acquisition to grow revenue
    • Create additional revenue streams from your existing customer base
    • Differentiate your service offering from your competitors
    • Improve customer retention

Here is the perfect opportunity!

Contact us to find out more by calling 727-421-5579 or email coaching@www.dinoeliadis.com.