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January 28, 2013, Tampa, FL – DE, Inc. publicly announces it’s Do It Yourself program for small business owners.  The program offers resources, tools and online training to help small business owners grow self-sustaining businesses.  Unlike traditional business programs it lets business owners improve their management and leadership skills on their own schedule 24 x 7.

Too many businesses are built as a job for the owner and not a true self-sustaining asset, says DE, Inc. president Dino Eliadis.  “We built this program as an alternative to traditional business resources.  While you can get the assistance of a coach or consultant from DE, Inc., if you don’t have the time or budget our DIY program offers a affordable solution that delivers the same time tested results.”

Included in the program are DE, Inc.’s blog which provides a wealth of material on small business growth, management, leadership and entrepreneurship.  Also included in the program are DE, Inc. small business tools which leverage the SPARC growth cycle and Business Accelerator Training that helps tie it all together for the Do It Yourselfer.

DE, Inc. has served the business community for more than 2 decades.  Currently they support local programs like Gazelle Labs, Tampa Bay Innovation Center, and Small Business Development Center as a mentor, advisor, and chair to their clients.  DE, Inc. looks to expand this support for the small business community through its recently announced affiliate program.

About DE, Inc.: DE, Inc. assists small business owners in growing a self-sustaining business by providing resources, tools, training, and services for “best-practice” skills transfer to small businesses owners that increases cash flow, improve business performance and growth to maximize their bottom-line.  Find out more at

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