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For Immediate Release

Tampa Bay, FL – September 24, 2018  – DE, Inc. is delighted to announce a partnership with Emerick & Company, a CPA firm located in Clearwater, FL and Kansas City ,MO.  This partnership will provide small business owners with a complete business growth solution by helping them understand the story their numbers are telling and then taking action to profitability grow their business.

Kristy Helt, Vice President of Emerick & Company said, “Since we took over the firm 5 years ago, I have wanted to offer services beyond just tax and accounting that most CPA’s offer. I always felt a business’ numbers have a story to tell.  So, my vision was to help business owners understand that story and then provide clients services to profitably take action on their story.  The relationship DE, Inc. gives Emerick & Company the tools to implement my vision!”

Dino Eliadis, president of DE, Inc. said, “We are thrilled by the potential of this relationship with Emerick & Company.  Our goal is to help more owners grow self-sustaining businesses giving owners more freedom and life choices while increasing their business’ value.  In the past, the lack of accounting and chief financial officer (CFO) services at DE, Inc. limited what we could do.  We had to teach each CPA what was necessary to grow a self-sustaining business.  Kristy and the Emerick team already get it!  So, we can immediately begin working for the owner to improve cashflow and increase profitability.”

In addition to the normal DE, Inc. SPARC Business Growth Framework services, DE, Inc will offer Basic Bookkeeping Services and Financial Accounting for Small Business packages.  Owners can get basic bookkeeping as well as outsourcing their accounting functions through these services and receive CFO input and tax consultation as part of their service package.


About Emerick & Company: Emerick & Company is a CPA firm going beyond the numbers helping business owners understand the story their numbers are telling, so owner can take the proper action to profitably growth the business.  Many CPA firms make this claim but can only offer cost reduction and savings to put more on the bottom line.  Emerick also offer top-line strategies, to help owners grow revenue and create business self-sustainability using a unique growth method called SPARC (Strategic Planning and Recovery Cycle). http://www.emerickcpas.com/

About DE, Inc.: DE, Inc. helps business owners achieve life independence and financial freedom by growing self-sustaining businesses through the distribution of DE, Inc. resources, tools, and training of “best-practice” of the Business Growth Simplified brand. which increases cash flow, improve business performance and growth to maximize the owners’ profitability.  Find out more at https://www.dinoeliadis.com.

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