business planning to get a SBA loanBusiness planning for an SBA loan or other commercial business loan can be a little tricky. There are two things the lender is looking for when you submit your plan:

  1. How you will use the money.
  2. How you will pay back the loan.

If you miss the mark with either one, chances are you won’t get the money you seek.

At DE, Inc. more than 85% of our funding business plans get funded! Of the dozens of plans we’ve prepared only a few have NOT been funded. And, even these were because the owner didn’t take the time to understand the plan and how their business case was being presented. In the end, it was the owner NOT the plan which the bank didn’t have confidence.

What’s Different About Our Business Planning

Our plans focus only a few pages of attention on your capital project (how you plan to use the loan). Then we demonstrate your ability to take that asset and use it to make your business more profitable so that it is easy to see how you’ll pay the loan back.

We’ve perfected this process so well we get referral calls from bankers we don’t eve know! Our plans have come across their desks and have made that big of an impression.

Business Planning is More Than Just a Forecast

Often business planning focuses on building a forecast spreadsheet and a couple pages of text. But, your plan needs to be more than just the numbers. It needs to demonstrate that you have what it takes to make the numbers come true.

good business planning take story telling

You need to tell a business story. Our method of story-telling provides a convincing case to the reader that your project is a good investment with as little risk as is possible. We add structure and strategic planning demonstrating a higher level of business acumen which shows the reader their money is not at risk with your project.

We start with a pre-planning questionnaire. It helps us determine if you have what you need so we can write a killer plan for you. If not, then we can help guide you through the process of gathering what you need to make sure that your plan tells the whole story.

Have Questions or Want to Start Your Business Planning?

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