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You started your business to have more independence and financial freedom in your life. Yet, if you’re like most business owners you probably still feel chained to your business years later. Sound familiar? Business Growth Simplified was written for you!  In this book you will learn what it takes to become free from your business in 3- 5 years while it produces the income needed to live the life that you always dreamed of.

“We didn’t even know business self-sustainability was possible for a company of our size.  After applying the growth model presented within this book to our business we, increased our monthly revenue by 156% in 16 months.  With the profitability from this growth and by putting the right people and systems in place, we’re  discussing how we will spend our retirement from our business  12 months from now, and it will support us for the rest of our life without even having to sell the business!” – Jenn and Mike Rowe, owners, Generations Carpet Cleaning 

Why I Wrote Business Growth Simplified

Growing a business is simpler than you might think.  Business growth is actually a well-defined and predictable process.  Let me ask you, “if you knew what to do and when to do it, wouldn’t growing your business be much simpler?”

The problem is nobody’s teaching you the process!  I have looked.  Most organizations providing business owners with technical assistance are focused on teaching the tactical functions of business.

“Removing the complexity of many business growth theories, Dino introduces several business-owner characters the reader will follow as they work through real-life business growth issues together, making the content of this book relevant to business owners at any level of their growth curve. A “must read” if you are serious about the growth of your business.” – Brian E. Powers, Executive Director, Chatham Technical Institute

While tactics are important, which tactics and how you apply them change depending on your stage of growth.  So, you may be taking the wrong actions at the wrong time.  This will slow down your growth, or could do damage to your company in the process.

This was the “ah ha moment” I had more than 5 years ago.  It put me on a quest to write Business Growth Simplified.  This book shows you a way to more effectively way to apply the tactics at each stages of a business’ maturity.

Watch the video below to get a quick overview of what I found and what you’ll learn in much more detail in Business Growth Simplified:

I want to see more business owners apply this idea because it works.  Those clients that embraced the approach and applied it realize their dream of personal independence and financial freedom. The decision most people make the decision to take the step to go out on their own.  Business Growth Simplified is my way of helping more owners have the independence and financial freedom they dreamed of in the beginning by teaching you the business growth model!

Think of the growth model as a strategic roadmap through which a business travels as it matures.  The roadmap tells you what to do, and when to do it to get to the next level of maturity in your business.  As a result, you will now know which tactical actions are necessary.  So, you’ll know what courses to take or what books or resources to read to educated yourself.  Or, you can hire the right advisor to help you or employee to do the work for you to get you to the next level of success.

If you’re ready to live the dream that you had when you started your business for independence and financial freedom, get this book.  It will help you focus on the objectives you need to make it a reality!

“Dino Eliadis has discovered a method of taking the mystery out of growing your business and changes the way entrepreneurs operate. Small Business Growth Simplified is also a valuable road map for how economic development professionals can help the scalable companies in their communities grow and create job opportunities.”  – John Walsh, CEcD, Vice President, Pasco Economic Development Council, Inc.

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