Get $1,200 Worth of Business Training to Grow Your Business for FREE!

Couple working at computerDE, Inc. is currently conducting a beta test of our new online business training system.  Courses are designed to help you:

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  • Get clarity on exactly what’s holding back the growth of your business.
  • Develop predictable operational metrics that will help you influence your sales.
  • Speed up your cash flow to help reduce your stress in meeting monthly obligations.
  • Put you on a path to the real independence and financial freedom you sought when you started your business.


If you’d like to participate just review the requirements below and complete the application form at the bottom of the page.  You will be contacted within 24 hours if you are selected to be a beta test participant.

Who can participate in the beta test?

More ClientsUp to 30 business owners that want to grow their business in a manner that will allow their company to become self-sustaining in the next 3 – 5 years.  Also, the business must fit into one of the following 2 categories:

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  • Startup who have already sold product/service to at least their first 2 customers.
  • Existing business where the business is the owner’s primary source of income for at least the past 3 years.


Additionally, we will allow up to 10 participants from service providers to small business owners to participate from the following type of organization:

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  • Trusted advisors AND Technical assistance specialists within EDC’s whose company
  • Must spend 80% or more of their time serving business with annual revenue of between $500,000 and $5 million.



Participants will be asked to sign a beta tester agreement committing to the following requirements:

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  • Test at least 2 or more of the online Business Accelerator training programs during the test period.
  • All programs can be completed in 45 minutes or less. However, if you are applying the program specifically to achieving the courses outcome specifically to your business it could take significantly longer to complete.
  • Use the Support Forum to log issues and questions that you may have about use of the training, training materials/content, training help information, support forum training.
  • Complete a customer satisfaction survey to record your experience with the training platform and course upon completing your training.
  • Agree that your comments can be used for later promotional testimonies during the program’s launch.
  • If your business is of proper size and type you could be selected for some FREE coaching assistance in exchange for a business case of your results.



Timeline commitment:

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  • Begin as soon as you are accepted into the program and return your signed agreement.
  • Complete all training and your customer satisfaction survey prior to the system getting shutdown for paid use.



Where the work will be completed?

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  • All participant training will be complete completely online using the DE, Inc. provided resources.
  • Any assistance necessary will be provided via the DE, Inc. Support Forum.
  • No face-to-face interaction can take place.
  • No over-the-phone support can be provided.



Why participant commitment is so critical:

Business GrowthWe are preparing for the launch the DIY business growth program during the 2nd Quarter of 2015.  In order to make this program as useful to business owners as possible, we need business owner input and feedback.  We are looking to you and your feedback to provide this necessary input.  We are only looking for about 25 – 40 business owners.


What can you expect if you are accepted into the program?

If you are select here is how the process will work:

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  • You will be sent a simple participation agreement to read and sign.
  • Sign and send back the signed agreement.
  • While you wait for our test coordinator to send you your test instruction review and select the course you’d like to take on our Business Accelerator Training Online Courses.
  • You will be sent an instruction sheet with test data to make your purchases of the course that you select with no charge to you.
  • Complete the courses at your own convenience 24 X 7 during the test period.
  • Testing must be completed no later than April 21, 2015
  • If you have problems during your training you will use the DE, Inc. Forum to report problems or ask questions that you may have regarding the courses and materials.
  • A DE, Inc. management consultant will answer your questions via the support forum.
  • When you complete your courses, DE, Inc. will provide a link to a short survey that you can complete.
  • You agree to allow DE, Inc. to use your feedback and testimonials as part of our initial marketing.
  • At this point your obligation as a tester will be complete and you will be provided with a full year’s subscription to our online training which will include many more topics and courses once it goes live.


We are only looking for 30 – 40 participants.  So when this number is in the system the program will be shutdown.  So this means that timing is limited.  If you have questions about the program, so can contact us at

Get started by completing the Beta Test Participant Application below:

Beta Application

Application of participation in DE, Inc. beta test.