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August 12, 2013, Tampa, FL – DE, Inc. today announced risk free coaching which allows small business owners to try before they buy DE, Inc.’s Business Coaching services.  DE, Inc. business coaching is the next step up from their Do It Yourself program which allows small business owners to work at their own pace using a set of online training and downloadable tools to grow their business.  Businesses that use coaching benefit greatly from the investment.  According to a MetrixGlobal, LLC study:

Coaching produced a 529% ROI and significant intangible benefits to the business, including the financial benefits from employee retention, boosting the overall ROI to 788%.”

DE, Inc. president Dino Eliadis say’s:

“sport figures like Michael Jordan and Mary Lou Retton didn’t become champions on their own.  They had coaches that transformed them into champions.  Even Steve Jobs had a coach in Bill Campbell!  However, most small business owners are reluctant to take the plunge.  So, we figure why not make it risk free to take the burden off the small business owner. Thus our try before you buy offering.”

Business coaching helps a small business owner, who usually works without oversight, to add structures and accountability to their regular routine.  This additional structures and accountability improves their discipline which is a critical factor in business success.

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About DE, Inc.: DE, Inc. assists small business owners in growing a self-sustaining business by providing resources, tools, training, and services for “best-practice” skills transfer that increases cash flow, improve business performance and growth to maximize their bottom-line.  Find out more at

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