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Business Growth Simplified Demystifies the Growth Process for Companies

Business Growth Simplified - facebook adApril 1, 2016, Tampa, FL – Dino Eliadis, founder of DE, Inc. will be presenting a seminar on the topic from his recently published book Business Growth Simplified.  The book is targeted at helping small business owners on the factors that impact business growth so they can assure they are doing everything necessary to accelerate business growth of their companies.  The seminar will be held at John P. Lowth Entrepreneurship Center located on the University of Tampa campus on Wednesday, April 20, 2016.

A major problem business owners have with business growth is they don’t understand it is a systematic process.  With little education out there teaching this process or assistance,  business owners can struggle for years to figure it out for themselves.  That is, if they don’t become one of the failure statistics along the way.

The program will cover a number of critical topics for small business growth including:

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  • How big does a business need to grow it can become self-sustaining!
  • The 5 stages of the business growth cycle and the one, and only one, goal of each stage.
  • The 8 factors (4 leadership, 4 management) that influence business growth
  • Example strategies and tactics that can be applied at each stage to accelerate business growth.
  • How to assess your current stage of growth so you can begin focusing on the right objectives for you and your business.


Dino Eliadis said the reason he wrote the book and talks so frequently on the subject is, “I find too much advice provided to small business owners emphasizing functional strategies and tactics without the correct frame of reference.  Without understanding a business’ current level of maturity you can actually slow its growth by applying the wrong strategy.  As a result many business owner focuses time and resources on the wrong actions which has only minimal impact on their business growth.  I wanted to give guidance that provide more strategic benefit and moves business owners toward creating business self-sustainability which will helps them realize the dream they set when they started their business – independence and financial freedom.”

When asked why Regions Bank decided to host this event, Renz Kuipers, Vice President Business Banking, who is organizing the event said, “While the global economy continues to sputter looking for a reason to consistently expand, we continue to see clients across our portfolio realize opportunities to grow.  Rather than continuously focusing conversations on cash flow needs, we felt it would be great to have Mr. Eliadis come in and talk about maximizing your growth opportunities to provide a broader view on what is needed to optimize our clients’ strategic plans.”

About This Event:

When: April 20th, 2016
Where: John P. Lowth Entrepreneurship Center
University of Tampa
Time: 8:30am to 10:00 am.

This program is just one of many training programs offered by DE, Inc. including online course available to business owners 24 X 7.  The training supplements the many tools and resources that help business owners apply business “best practices” to create a self-sustaining business.

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DinoPRofilelowresAbout Dino Eliadis:  Founder of DE, Inc., Eliadis has three decades of leadership experience and MBA credentials He has a passion for building and leading high performance teams for organizations both large and small. He uses teams to drive forward transitional projects for companies using his talent for problem solving and management of portfolios of projects toward a strategic goal. Eliadis’ talents best serve organizations looking to develop self-sustaining growth by creating corporate cultures where people are valued and employees are treated with dignity and respect. Environments of this nature allow major initiatives to rapidly move forward by developing highly motivated teams that achieve the organization’s goal while helping the team members achieve their own personal and professional objectives.

Eliadis is the author of Business Growth Simplified, an informative book built around a cast of characters – four business owners in three companies – who the reader will follow as they navigate the business growth model in their own business.”  The book uses case studies with examples of how each of these characters uses the model for growth. For more information about Eliadis and  Business Growth Simplified, go to

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