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February 20, 2013, Tampa, FL – DE, Inc. will be presenting Small Business Growth Simplified program from its small business growth seminar series for the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce on February 27, 2013.  This is being offered under the Chambers Growing Business Workshop series.

Small business growth is a simple and well defined process. The problem is that it is not a topic with which many small business owners are familiar.  This seminar was designed to provide an in-depth look into the goal and the factors that contribute to business growth at each stage of the growth cycle.

Dino Eliadis, president of DE, Inc. said, “When I talk to small business owners most focus on activities that don’t contribute their business getting to the next stage of growth.  We designed this program to complement our Small Business Growth Matrix and Small Business Growth Assessment tools to create awareness as to what owner need focus in order to actually grow their business.”

This program is just one of more than training programs offered by DE, Inc. including online course available to business owners 24 X 7.  The training supplements the many tools and resources that help small business owners apply business “best practices” to create a self-sustaining business.


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DE, Inc. assists small business owners in growing a self-sustaining business by providing resources, tools, training, and services for “best-practice” skills transfer that increases cash flow, improves business performance and growth to maximize their bottom-line.  Find out more at

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