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March 4, 2013, Tampa, FL – DE, Inc. Founder and President Dino Eliadis will join Radio Host Rick Brutti and MosaicHUB Founder, Mary-Alice Brady on the Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) radio show to air on March 12, 2013.  Eliadis was asked to share the trials and tribulations of business owners when not understanding the small business growth cycle which results in owners create a job rather than a real business for themselves.

“I was honored Rick and Mary-Alice invited me to join them.  The organizations share a common passion and vision with DE, Inc. – providing quality resources to the small business and entrepreneur community.  I am a member and frequent contributor to MosaicHUB.  The fact that they saw value in what I had been contributing and asked me to join them on MYOB served as a validation that DE, Inc.’s resources are a valuable asset to small business owners in growing self-sustaining businesses.”

For those unable to listen to the actual broadcast the interview is also available via the podcast a:

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About Mind Your Own Business:  Mind Your Own Business is a radio show based in the Boston area for entrepreneurs, by Entrepreneurs.

About MosaicHUB:  mosaicHUB is an entrepreneur community and resource center connecting entrepreneurs with the right people and information needed to launch and grow successful businesses.

About DE, Inc.: DE, Inc. assists small business owners in growing a self-sustaining business by providing resources, tools, training, and services for “best-practice” skills transfer to small businesses owners that increases cash flow, improve business performance and growth to maximize their bottom-line.  Find out more at

About Dino Eliadis.:.  Dino is senior-level business professional with MBA credentials and has dedicated his career to creating and leading high performance teams and organizations.  After 7 ½ years in the US Air Force, Dino has focused the past 2 decades of his professional career on assisting small owners making the necessary transitions to grow their companies into self-sustaining entities.  Find out more at

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