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February 11, 2013, Tampa, FL – DE, Inc. publicly announces its Business Growth Assessment tool for small business owners.  The tool offers small business owners a way to determine the current growth stage of their business while providing them valuable insight into the strengths that can assist with and weaknesses preventing them from growing their business to the next stage.

Too many business owners struggle trying to grow their business because they don’t understand how a business matures over time.  Even when they do understand the growth process knowing exactly where their business is currently along the growth cycle can be a challenge.

DE, Inc. president Dino Eliadis say’s “We built this tool to be quick, simple, and easy to use, while offering business owners a way of determining what’s preventing their business from growing.  Armed with this valuable view of their business, they can use our Small Business Growth Matrix tool to determine exactly what action they need to take to achieve the next stage of growth for their business!”

The assessment is a 36 yes/no questionnaire.  Once completed the resulting executive report helps pinpoint the current growth stage; specifies the exact goal to achieve the next growth stage; summarizes current strengths that can be applied; and shows current weaknesses obstructing growth.  Combined with the details of DE, Inc.’s Small Business Growth Matrix business owners have a powerful arsenal to quick and simplify way to build a powerful business planning for growth.

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