operational planning to improve profit Looking for more profitable growth in your small business, then operational planning is an excellent way drive better accountability and productivity in your business! Do any of these things sound familiar?

  • Everyone comes to you for everything.
  • Nobody’s sure what they should be doing
  • Employee afraid to decide on anything
  • Feel like you’re constantly in firefighter mode
  • Revenue is stagnant or radically up and down
  • Growth is slow or nonexistent

Here is what causes these problems:

  • Lack of goal and objectives leave employees without decision making requirements .
  • Productivity plummets as employees wait for assignments because no action plan exists.
  • Tasks aren’t properly assigned because roles and responsibilities aren’t clearly defined.
  • No published standards exist, confusing employees on expectations impacting quality and customer service resulting in rework and call backs.
  • Profitability drops as expenses increase from of all these factors

The Power of Operational Planning

an operational plan provides a compass for your businessYou get more profitable growth when you use clear, concise communication.  Operational planning help you build a roadmap for better communication.  Now, you can organize and deploy all your people and resources more effectively which results in improved productivity. When you improve company productivity, then you increase your profitability.

To improve productivity, you must first create better accountability.  Accountability means “setting the bar”, so everybody knows what you expected, which provides simple yet powerful operational metrics to objectively measure everyone’s performance company wide. People work harder and smarter when they know you’re watching, so this form of monitoring creates better accountability.

Operational Planning Saves You Time and Stress

become a better coach with an operational planWhen you use this approach you save time and reduce your stress. You can get all your weekly meetings done in 2 hours or less each week, which includes reviewing overall performance and each business function’s contribution to company performance. Now you can:

  • Coach and encourage your team so they improve their weekly performance.
  • Remove obstacles blocking their progress, so they get more done.
  • Provide needed resources so they can accelerate their performance.

If you’d like to operate your business this way, then we encourage you to apply High Impact Business Planning (HIBP). HIBP turns the knowledge about your business into action by taking your strategic goal and objectives, then helping you turn them into an actionable operational plan.  Watch the following short video to see how it works:

Begin Building Your Operational Plan

We offer a variety of ways so you can more easily apply High Impact Business Planning to your business.

No matter which method you select, you step in the right direction because HIBP combines strategic, tactical, and operational planning all into a single process, so you get what you need to be successful in your business.  Remember it’s all about increasing your efficiency and  profitability!

Does HIBP Work for Operational Planning?

“The business tools we received from DE Inc. were pivotal to our strategic planning process.  Concise, informative, and comprehensive, the planning templates were exactly what we needed to get our thoughts down on paper and establish a concrete direction for our organization.  I would wholeheartedly recommend these planning tools to any company that is in need of a strategic business planning process that will deliver results.”

Dustin Holbrook,  CFO, Leads Direct, Inc.

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