The following provides the details by which Dino Eliadis, Inc., (hereinafter “DE, Inc.”) is engaged for the purpose of providing free or paid seminars with a sponsoring organization (hereinafter “sponsor”).

    1. Speaking dates must be booked at least 4 weeks in advance if at all possible to assure proper promotion and marketing.  This does not apply if DE, Inc. is filling in for a last-minute cancellation by a previously non-DE, Inc. presenter.
    2. The sponsor will promote the program using the DE, Inc.’s Promotional Checklist to assure maximum benefit of the program via promotional exposure.
    3. Any collateral used that is not included in the provided collateral must be approval by DE, Inc. prior to distribution
    4. If travel >100 miles or overnight lodging for the presenter is required, the sponsoring organization agrees to pay all reasonable travel costs to include but not limited to  airfare, car rental, mileage, food and beverage, and lodging.
    5. DE, Inc. will cover the cost of handouts up to 25 participants.  For larger presentations groups the sponsor will be billed for additional material costs above 25 participants. The sponsor may cover these costs if they so wish to brand the materials themselves.
    6. The sponsor acknowledges DE, Inc. and its affiliates retain copyrights to the materials used in the programs.
    7. The sponsor may not distribute the materials outside of the seminar attendee group without written consent of DE, Inc., its affiliates or via an information resources subscription.
    8. Any materials authorized for posting will display all DE, Inc. copyrights and trademarks and any links to DE, Inc. online properties will be left intact while being displayed.
    9. The sponsor will provide DE, Inc. with an attendance list including attendee’s contact information with 48 hours of the event and authorizes DE, Inc to market back to attendees for a 30 day period after the program is delivered.
    10. If the sponsor does not comply with number 9 then DE, Inc. may invoice the sponsor for the full cost of the seminar and the sponsor will be responsible for payment on receipt of the invoice.